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Roof construction and renovation

  /  Roof construction and renovation

Roof construction and renovation

The construction of flat and gable roofs has been one of our main activities. We renovate, insulate and install asbestos cement, stains, slates and SBS bitumen roll materials on roofs.

Roof construction is a responsible and difficult task. During construction, it is necessary to take into account the bearing loads and the building as a whole in order to avoid problems in the future.

Asbestos cement and stone roofs

Modern asbestos cement, or asbestos-free cement fiber corrugated boards is a high-quality and durable solution for roofing. Natural raw materials are used for the production of tiles: cement, water, lime, cellulose, sand and certain reinforcing binders.

Cement fiber boards on the roof are free of condensation, breathable and sound-absorbing. They are fireproof and do not corrode, they can withstand temperature changes and biological effects. They do not prevent electromagnetic waves. The average duration of this material is 60-80 years.

Tin roofs

Tin roofs are one of the most common roof coverings in Estonia. Its advantages are fast installation, light weight, good resistance to freezing cycles and low price. In addition to the above, sloped gable roofs stay snow-free in winter, as tin is a slippery material.

Tin roof coatings are made of different materials, which affect the durability and properties of the coating material.

Flat roofs

We perform roofing installation with SBS and PVC roll materials. We use mineral wool and expanded polystyrene for insulation.

What do we offer?

Comprehensive construction service

Since the very beginning of our company we have set out to offer our customers a comprehensive construction service.

This means that we attend to the client’s concerns or wishes in full – we involve the necessary specialists and organize the documentation required by law. In doing this, we hope to save the customer’s time, money and give them peace of mind.