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Consistent cooperation with one company throughout the proccess.

Our Services


Heritage protection construction

Reconstruction of apartment buildings

Construction of a private house

Construction of buildings

Reconstruction of private houses

Loft construction

Extension works

Apartment construction and renovation

Interior finishing

Wooden facades and stone-cladded facades

Facade insulation and plastering

Roof construction and renovation

About us

Comprehensive service

We have been operating in the construction field since 2008, specializing in the reconstruction of buildings and the construction of new buildings. In addition, we also perform general construction works, roofing, facade, and finishing work separately.

We offer our customers a comprehensive service, which includes expertise, design, applying for construction permits, and construction work together with necessary construction documentation as required by law. Upon completion of the building, the necessary authorization will also be applied, and heritage protection reports will be prepared.

Our expert team will find the optimal solution for the customer in each situation to achieve the best results, either with the old or new generation materials. Commissioning a project from us guarantees a quality construction service.

We have developed our own in-house project management model and our construction team consists of employees with more than 10 years of experience in the construction field.

Most of our customers today are private customers, apartment associations, and medium-sized companies. We provide our services in Pärnu County and Harju County.